Persotrain category The PersoTrain® is for sure one of the most extraordinary multi-functional training devices throughout the world. It uniquely allows strengthening and shaping the human body by all types of multi-dimensional movements. The PersoTrain® clings to the upper part of the user's body without, however, constricting it. An inseparable unit comprising the upper part of the body and the PersoTrain® is formed. The PersoTrain® is equipped with steel eyes at the most important parts of the body (thoracic region, near to the elbows and back area). Depending on which of these steel eyes is connected with the resistance expander (part of the delivery), various possibilities are offered to you to work out your entire body by overcoming the elasto-dynamic resistance of the expander.
AktiFlex PersoTrain® -Home Trainer-
For shoulder pain & full body workout at home
179,90 € *
Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
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