Shoulder Operation

Shoulder Operation


Eine Schulter Operation ist nicht immer die Lösung Nr 1. Häufig kann Ihnen auf schonendem Weg z.B. mit unserer Schulterhilfe der Gang zur OP erspart bleiben.If this "threat" is mentioned by the doctor, the term "shoulder operation" will pass his lips so easily as if it would be the only possible solution. This is absolutely wrong, if the shoulder operation aims at the surgical decompression of an impingement syndrome.

The fact that conventional treatment methods have so far failed does not mean at all that the concerned persons have to undergo a shoulder operation. The number of prescribed conventional therapeutic exercises which is paid by the health insurance companies is insufficient from the start so that it is impossible to achieve a satisfying improvement. Therefore and due to the additional fact that a shoulder operation is listed in all medical services covered by the health insurance companies, shoulder operations are carried out without hesitation and at the patient’s risk. The result of this surgical intervention is frequently rather disputable and often even dramatic. Moreover a long time of rehabilitation is required, which occasionally leads to the patient’s job loss.

If the health insurance companies made available the costs of a shoulder operation for a targeted physiotherapy, numerous shoulder operations would be unnecessary.

As this wishful thinking is not expected to become true in the near future, we have developed a comparatively well-priced auxiliary means for concerned persons. During the last years innumerable shoulder operations could be avoided thanks to the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer. Doing exercises with it, the persons have the possibility to remedy their shoulder at home and on their own. Using the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer you can do simple and smooth shoulder exercises at home. The shoulder region can thus be strengthened so that the joint cavity will be widened effectively.

During keyhole surgery (mostly applied) or an open operation the bone at the acromion is milled off in order to make more room. Contrary to these two types of shoulder operation the use of the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer results in creating more space in the acromion by eliminating the principal cause, which usually is a muscular imbalance.

The shoulder muscles responsible for this imbalance are purposefully strengthened by doing exercises with the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer . The head of the humerus will be pulled downward, away from the acromion. Within a rather short period of time the humerus will again be able to easily pass below the acromion while the arm is lifted.

Conclusion: The cause of the impingement cannot be eliminated by a shoulder operation! The shoulder pains will most likely reappear.

By use of the AktiFlex®-ShoulderTrainer the disease and its cause will, however, be remedied in a sustainable manner.

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