Shoulder Diseases


The impingement or impingement syndrome is the definition for a severe muscular imbalance caused by a stenosis in the shoulder joint.  Consequently the bony parts rub against each other and incarcerate the soft parts (tendons and bursa), until they are inflamed and destroyed…. . continue reading


The bursa is an important shock absorber which is “installed“ by nature in the shoulder joints. It mainly helps to dampen intense loads of our shoulder. Furthermore the bursa prevents that bones are rubbing against each other and that tendons are incarcerated and damaged. A mostly temporary bursitis may be due to – for example - overhead activities carried out for several hours ... continue reading

Night Pain of the Shoulder

According to common sense and our experiences most of the known complaints will ease, if we have a rest or – even better – go to bed. This easement is also expected to occur in case of shoulder pain. But as the exact opposite happens, innumerable concerned persons get desperate. Having lain down, you will – depending on the stage of the disease – wake up sooner or later due to most severe pain in the shoulder... continue reading

Calcific Tendinitis of the Shoulder / Tendinitis calcarea

The calcific tenditinis of the shoulder usually features calcifications respectively calcium deposits at the supraspinatus tendon between the acromion and the head of the humerus. The formation of these calcium deposits has not yet been clarified by scientists. We assume that they are due to a stenosis ... continue reading

Frozen Shoulder

The frozen shoulder – also called shoulder stiffness – is a disease of the joint capsule. In most cases the connective tissue of the joint capsule hardens and shrinks due to inflammations. As a consequence the mobility of the shoulder joint will be more and more restricted ... continue reading

Shoulder Arthrosis

A shoulder arthrosis – also called omarthrosis – is defined as a degenerative change of the shoulder joint. Two different types of shoulder arthrosis are to be distinguished. The first type... continue reading

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