First Aid in Case of Shoulder Pain

The following shoulder-"First Aid - Measures“ can - at least temporarily alleviate your pain. They will take effect within short and thus help preventing to take medicaments! The following advice leads to a temporary decompression of the narrowed acromion. With regard to our advice please take notice of our disclaimer

Pain in the Shoulder - Advice no. 1


Sit down, put your hands under the buttocks.
Build up tension by leaning your body towards the opposite side and exert a pull on the arm.

If possible, maintain this tension for a few minutes. Particularly in case of frequently occurring night pain you should get up and do this exercise; it will help you to get some more hours of sleep.

Avoiding having to get up, you can alternatively have a Thera-rubber band (or something similar) with two loops ready for the night. If the pain becomes more and more unbearable, put one loop around the wrist and the other one around the foot of your bent leg (take care of proper fastening!). The rubber band must be so short that it will be tightened if you stretch your leg and simultaneously pull your arm towards the foot! If it is well prepared, it will not take long. You may resp. need not spend all night in this “stretching device”.  10-15 minutes will be sufficient to alleviate your pain for quite a while.

Our shoulder-night pain-aid offers an easy and safe alternative „stretching device“ to you which features two comfortable Velcro-loops and a special expander.

The above described exercise can also be done – for example – in the office where it will even be easier. You only have to fasten one end of the rubber band at the office chair leg and put the other end of the rubber band around your wrist. Thus the rubber band will be tightened and the arm will be pulled downward, as soon as you are sitting straight on the chair.

Should you be lucky to have a boss who allows doing 1-2 workouts with the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer in between, it will soon be easier for you to “survive” the working day. Strictly speaking, the boss will also benefit from a satisfied and more efficient employee.

Pain in the Shoulder - Advice no. 2

Wrap a gel cooling pack - frozen in a freezer - in a thin cloth.
Afterwards put it on the paining shoulder, until the cooling pack has heated to the body temperature; you can repeat it 5-8 times a day (also at night).

If you put both arms in the shoulder aid without doing an exercise, this will change the pressure ratio in the acromion and relieve the pressure, which will temporarily alleviate your pain!!

Please avoid the mistake - unfortunately made rather often - and DO NOT APPLY HEAT to the inflamed joint!!!

Pain in the Shoulder - Advice no. 3

Carry - for example - a filled bottle or a partly filled bucket in the hand of your paining arm and let the arm hang down at your body for a few minutes.

You may additionally slightly swing the arm back and forth (The weight required for an effective exercise depends on the individual stage of the disease. You have to try - 1kg, 5kg or even 10kg may be necessary.)

If you regularly do exercises by using the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer you won’t need the „First Aid“ any longer within short. 

Get well soon!

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