First-Aid Advice


Acute shoulder pain usually requires quick help. In addition to taking medication, various home remedies and exercises can bring relief. The following tips and advice support a temporary decompression in the constricted acromion. For the following tips, please note our Disclaimer


Tip No. 1: Deltoid stretching exercise


This exercise results in a stretching of the deltoid muscle and thus in a brief widening of the shoulder gap. This reduces the pressure on the supraspinatus tendon and the bursa in the shoulder.

And this is how it works: Sit down, one hand is under the buttocks, the other on the thigh.

Tilt the body to the opposite side. This builds up tension and exerts traction on the arm. Hold this position for a few minutes if possible.

Note: This exercise can also provide relief for more frequent night pain, helping you to sleep more soundly. Alternatively, an exercise can be performed lying down. To do this, keep a thera rubber or other elastic band with two loops handy. As soon as the shoulder pain occurs at night, one loop around the wrist, the other around the foot when the leg is bent. Important: Fix well! When you stretch your leg and thus pull your arm to the foot, the rubber must tighten. Otherwise adjust the length! Leave this "stretching device" on for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove it. The shoulder night pain aid with Velcro loops and a special expander is particularly user-friendly.

This exercise can also be done well in the office. To do this, attach one end of the rubber to the foot of the office chair, the other loop around the wrist. When sitting upright, the rubber must be taut and pull the arm down. In addition, 1-2 sets of exercises with the shouldertrainer optima can facilitate everyday life.

Tip No. 2: Cold against shoulder pain


Get rid of shoulder pain with cold packs - here's how: Wrap frozen gel pad in a thin cloth, place on the aching shoulder. As soon as the cold pack has reached body temperature, remove it again. If the shoulder also hurts in the front area, the biceps tendon may be irritated or inflamed. In this case, repeat cooling 5-8 times a day - even at night. Another tip: To ensure that cooling pads remain at the source of the pain and do not slip, a special cool shirt has proven effective. In addition, a shouldertrainer optima can also provide relief from pressure in the acromion and temporarily relieve pain. Simply place both arms in the shouldertrainer. Exercises are not necessary in this case.


Tip No. 3: Arm pendulum


Let the aching arm hang down on the body for a few minutes with a weight in your hand. You may also need to swing the arm back and forth slightly. A filled bottle is suitable as a weight; partially filled watering cans or buckets can also be used. How heavy the object in your hand needs to be to have an effect depends on the individual stage of illness. In addition, everyone must find out for themselves whether a weight of one, five or even ten kilos is necessary.

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