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About us

On www.schulterhilfe.de the functionality of our AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer is understandably introduced to you in detail. Thus you can be sure not to buy a pig in the poke! Moreover you may benefit from our experiences gathered since 2000. During this period we – being in direct contact to concerned persons - were dealing exclusively with shoulder problems from morning to night. Apart from us there is hardly any other company which particularly attends to only one problem area of the body! We will not only provide you with highly effective First Aid Advice which will help you almost instantly to considerably relieve the shoulder pain or to substantially remedy a bursitis or tendinitis over the week-end without taking cortisone or tablets. We will furthermore explain to you why it will be possible to get rid of your shoulder problems by use of our AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer even if you have been suffering from shoulder pains for several years and after numerous therapies have failed!

Thanks to the development of the ShoulderTrainer a solution for a seemingly unsolvable therapeutic problem was found. Although the medical scientists had always known that in case of 8 out of 10 concerned persons the shoulder problems were due to muscular complaints, no therapeutic measures had so far been found which led to long-lasting satisfying results within the available treatment period.

This extraordinary auxiliary means features the possibility to use it at home, when you are alone and without help.

We have not thoughtlessly compiled the information given to you on our web pages, but they are based on practical experience gathered since the year 2000. We of course have to sell our product as we are living on it! You can be sure that we really put our heart and soul into it!

We admit that our illustrations seem to be too good to be true for innumerable concerned persons who have been suffering from shoulder problems for months or even years, who have undergone all possible treatments and therapies and nevertheless have to cope with worsening problems. We do not overdo at the expense of trustful persons by fudging the explanations, which would be profit-greedy and rude!
We do not only manufacture our products on our own and care for the logistics, but also answer your questions throughout the day via our telephone hotline (at regular phone costs!). Such phone calls quite often take 30 minutes or even longer. If you give us a call, you will realize that we do not intend to sell our product with might and main!
To be brief:
Hoping and wishing that you will find surprising and new knowledge while you thoroughly read our carefully elaborated web page.

In case of further questions please send an e-mail to infoschulterhilfe.de or use our contact form.

If you are interested in getting more information about the shoulder, please read our home page

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