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  • Impingement, Impingementsyndrome
    Impingement Syndrome of the Shoulder (Pronounced: “impintschment“ or “impinchment“) The impingement / impingement syndrome is also known under different names such as e.g.…
  • Impingement as Primary Cause
    Pains in the shoulder are primarily caused by the impingement syndrome, i.e. the stenosis of the joint cavity in the acromion. Like a bolt from the blue a rather severe sharp pain appears in the shoulder – sometimes during usual activities at home, in the garden or while reaching out the hand to …
  • Shoulder Diseases
    Impingement-Syndrome The impingement or impingement syndrome is the definition for a severe muscular imbalance caused by a stenosis in the shoulder joint.…
  • Bursitis
    A bursitis of the shoulder is most frequently caused by the impingement syndrome. Moreover a swollen bursa is typical of a bursitis.   If the stenosis of the subacromial space below the acromion is, however, already too pronounced, the bursa is frequently incarcerated between the head of the …
  • Calcific Tendinitis
    The calcific tendinitis of the shoulder is mostly caused by an impingement syndrome, e.g. a pronounced stenosis of the subacromial space below the acromion due to a muscular imbalance.…
  • Shoulder Operation
    This is absolutely wrong, if the shoulder operation aims at the surgical decompression of an impingement syndrome. The fact that conventional treatment methods have so far failed does not mean at all that the concerned persons have to undergo a shoulder operation.…

  • It frequently originates from the incarcerated tendon below the acromion due to an impingement syndrome. Bursa sub-acromialis Bursa below the acromion Bursitis Inflammation and mostly also swelling of the bursa - more information....…
  • AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer
    The ShoulderTrainer is also suitable for being used for rehabilitation and mobilisation after shoulder operations. Improvement of impingement syndrome Improvement of shoulder night pain Improvement of calcific tendinitis of the shoulder Improvement of bursitis Improvement of frozen shoulder …
  • Muscular Imbalance of the Shoulder
    By the way, this also explains the fact that particularly sportsmen such as swimmers, handball-, volleyball- and tennis players as well as all further sportsmen with overhead activities already start suffering from muscular imbalances and the impingement syndrome at young age.…
  • You are looking for a shoulder specialist?
    If your shoulder is still quite flexible, although you suffer from an impingement syndrome, an operation  may perhaps not be necessary. In that case your shoulder problem may be due to a weak rotator cuff which has so far not been sufficiently taken into consideration.…
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