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You are looking for a shoulder specialist?

You only need him if your shoulder is too immobile for undergoing an exercise- respectively strengthening therapy. If your shoulder is still quite flexible, although you suffer from an impingement syndrome, an operation  may perhaps not be necessary. In that case your shoulder problem may be due to a weak rotator cuff which has so far not been sufficiently taken into consideration. By use of our AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer you may get your problem under control. Please read here to be advised how this will work.

Since the year 2000 we heard a lot about shoulder specialists And we are informed of successful and failed treatments or operations of the shoulder for healing the impingement syndrome. Shoulder specialists are highly experienced as they often perform surgeries of the shoulder.

Based on this assumption a lot of patients unfortunately believe that a possible operation will most probably succeed and the shoulder will be remedied forever. This is not true! The chances of a successful shoulder operation are fifty-fifty. The best shoulder specialist will not provide a guarantee for a successful operation. The odds are against you that an operation – even a successful one – will permanently solve the problem of impingement. This is not the case! An operation may free you from severe symptoms for a certain period of time (a few months or maybe even several years). The (primary) impingement is, however, usually due to too weak muscles of the rotator cuff. As a further muscle wasting can in no way be prevented by an operation, during which the acromion is milled out, it is inevitable that these continuously weakening muscles will someday result in the impingement syndrome.

A shoulder specialist is not defined as the doctor who is the best at operations, but as the doctor who can decide whether an operation is necessary at all.

In most cases an operation is not required if the impingement syndrome is due to pure muscle problems and if the concerned person’s shoulder is still quite flexible. In that case a targeted strengthening therapy of the rotator – e.g. by use of the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer may compensate this muscular deficit. As a consequence the shoulder problems can either be alleviated or even entirely solved without an operation. Please read  here to be advised how this will work.

As the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer is still rather unknown among the doctors, you – as concerned person – should not miss to advise the doctor of the possibility to strengthen the rotator cuff of the shoulder by use of the ShoulderTrainer. If he/she is a real “shoulder specialist” he will realize whether the ShoulderTrainer might give you the chance of avoiding an operation. He will at least recommend you to try it by using the ShoulderTrainer – possibly under his supervision.

But you should be very careful if the doctor immediately advises you against the ShoulderTrainer without having at least informed him/herself of the ShoulderTrainer’s functioning.

In that case you should get the opinion of another doctor.

Please bear in mind that the above explanations primarily deal with problems caused by the so-called „primary“ impingement syndrome which slowly develops in the course of years or decades and finally leads to a muscular imbalance – or in other words – to a partly weak rotator cuff of the shoulder. Our explanations may not be applicable to shoulder problems which are due to –for example – an accident or unintentional movements or luxation. You may – for example – damage your muscles by trying to avoid a sudden fall with your arms, which may then lead to the so-called „secondary impingement“.

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