Bursitis of the Shoulder

Bursitis of the shoulder; eliminate the cause of this disease by using the ShoulderTrainer

You need not be concerned about a bursitis, if it appears after – for example - intensive sporting overhead exercises or - activities and disappears within short, after the respective arm has been given a rest. This is normal and people of all age groups now and then suffer from it. .
A bursitis, however, gives cause for concern, if it appears rather often, without any good reason and furthermore does not disappear – in the worst case – after the arm has been granted a rest of several days. A bursitis of the shoulder is most frequently caused by the impingement syndrome. Moreover a swollen bursa is typical of a bursitis.

If the stenosis of the subacromial space below the acromion is, however, already too pronounced, the bursa is frequently incarcerated between the head of the humerus and the acromion. Eventually it will no longer be possible to remedy the bursitis with drugs and rest so that it will consequently become chronic. In this stage it can only be healed by widening the subacromial space below the acromion, which, however, should not be tried in an operation of the shoulder as the risk of this surgical intervention is disproportionate to its success. Furthermore the cause of the bursitis will not be eliminated by the operation. 

A long-term training therapy needs to be administered to effectively widen the subacromial space so that a bursitis will also be cured sustainably. In order to heal a bursitis for a long time, a suitable training therapy comprising the actual conventional methods of the physiotherapy would have to be applied twice a week during at least six months.

Apart from the time and organisation needed to meet these dates, no health insurance company will pay the costs for such long-lasting therapy. Consequently the concerned patient would have to bear a considerable contribution of several hundred euros. Moreover the training would need to be refreshed every few years to prevent a recurrence of the disease. The AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer is a quite favourable alternative. Concerned persons have the possibility to do shoulder exercises of their own at home in order to heal the bursitis.

Using the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer you can do simple and smooth shoulder exercises at home according to a program which aims at strengthening the shoulder region. Consequently the joint cavity will be widened and sufficient space will again be granted to the bursa. The bursa will recover more quickly after it had been overexcited during work or sports. SchulterTrainer” is a purchase for life – a shoulder therapy which is always available, if required.   

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