Shoulder pain: help and information

Shoulder pain information

Was tun bei Schulterschmerzen?

What can you do for shoulder pain?

Thomas Duttine also asked himself this question when he himself was affected by shoulder pain in 2000. After much tinkering and extensive testing, he finally developed the Optima shoulder aid and was pain-free within a few weeks.

This has resulted in a helpful therapy that anyone with shoulder pain can do at home. The online video instructions and manual are easy to understand.

Therapists and doctors are also increasingly using the shoulder brace to help patients with shoulder pain. 

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Was tun bei akuten Schulterschmerzen?

What to do in case of acute pain in the shoulder?

To relieve shoulder pain, it doesn't always have to be medication. Often home remedies and special exercises can help to stand up to the pain.

For inflammation in the shoulder, such as bursitis, heat should be avoided. Instead, cold applications are helpful. We have compiled the most important and easy to perform exercises and home remedies for you free of charge. » Read more

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