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ShoulderTrainer® Optima

ShoulderTrainer Optima Complete-SetsTraining therapy equipment used for muscular correction of the rotator cuff. A well-proven auxiliary means to substantially improve respectively remedy the impingement syndrome (narrowed acromion) and to correct the posture (humpback). The work-out concept including video DVD, which is included in the delivery scope of the ShoulderTrainer®, allows also non-professionals to easily use the ShoulderTrainer at home.

Use the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer in case of:

- In many cases a shoulder operation can be avoided. The ShoulderTrainer is also suitable for being used for rehabilitation and  mobilisation after shoulder operations.
- Improvement of impingement syndrome
- Improvement of shoulder night pain
- Improvement of calcific tendinitis of the shoulder
- Improvement of bursitis
- Improvement of frozen shoulder
- Improvement of postural backache
- Can also be used in case of ruptures or partial ruptures of the Supraspinatus tendon
ShoulderTrainer® Optima Comfort-Set
Expander with handles at the ends
Shipping weight: 3,20 kg
Product weight: 2,80 kg
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ShoulderTrainer® Optima Premium-Set
Shipping weight: 4,20 kg
Product weight: 3,80 kg
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Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
PersoTrain® incl. 2x DVD
Shipping weight: 2,30 kg
Product weight: 2,10 kg
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Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
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