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ShoulderTrainer® Optima Premium-Set

ShoulderTrainer® Optima Premium-Set

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Incl. Comfort Expander-Set = with handles at the ends.

Training therapy equipment used for muscular correction of the rotator cuff. A well-proven auxiliary means to substantially improve respectively remedy the impingement syndrome (narrowed acromion) and to correct the posture (humpback). The work-out concept including video DVD, which is included in the delivery scope of the ShoulderTrainer®, allows also non-professionals to easily use the ShoulderTrainer at home.

Equipment Colour

Equipment Colour

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Shouldertrainer Optima - choose type- and size

Shouldertrainer Optima - choose type- and size

(Please note our type- and size chart)

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Shoulder-Night Pain-Aid

Shoulder-Night Pain-Aid

Please choose at least 1 components
Size and colour for your Coolshirt

Size and colour for your Coolshirt

Please select the size and colour for your Coolshirt which contains in this Premium-Set. 

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Please choose at least 1 components
Further Accessories

Further Accessories

Herein below we offer to you further useful accessories for the ShoulderTrainer and an auxiliary means to ease the shoulder night pain (price advantage in comparison with single purchasing).


Very frequently - even in several practices - too large areas are cooled by using far big ice packs, if the shoulder needs to be cooled. In such cases numerous muscles are cooled in addition to the mostly inflamed bursa and the Supraspinatus tendon, which is not only unreasonable, but often uncomfortable or even painful. Consequently the concerned person is put off by it and will discontinue the required cooling before it could take effect!

Our cool packs are extremely narrow and only as long as needed! If the cool packs are positioned according to our instructions, the cold will work almost only on the specific area with the mostly inflamed bursa and the so-called Supraspinatus tendon in the acromion. As a consequence the uncomfortable feeling will disappear within very short. Quickly penetrating into the inflamed areas, the cold will generate a rather pleasant feeling. If you repeat this cooling process several times a day (we recommend up to 7 times), the persistent effect of the cold will not only stop the inflammation. Moreover the blood flow and metabolism are encouraged by the cold-hot change!


Scope of Supply

- 3 x cool packs in the size 7,5 x 13cm
- 1 x short instructions how to correctly cool your inflamed shoulder


1. Relieves the pain within a few minutes during the night - and - of course - also during the day
2. Due to the individually adjustable tension intensity this device reduces the pressure in the acromion by carefully and slowly pulling the arm a bit out of the acromion.
3. Consequently the paining tendons and bursa are relieved from the pressure for a limited period of time. Depending on the stage of disease the pain may ease for hours.
4. Properly works in lying –and standing position.


Although the shoulder-night pain-aid is highly effective, it must not be considered as long-term solution! This device is suitable to ease the worst phases of a shoulder disease by alleviating the symptoms (pain). As the cause of the pain is, however, not eliminated, you immediately have to take intensive action to get rid of the cause. Otherwise the disease will continue worsening until the shoulder-night pain-aid won’t either be effective at all or will only have very little positive influence. The AktiFlex ShoulderTrainer is a suitable device for eliminating the cause.

Click here to get further information about the night pain.


The shoulder-night pain-aid can be used, unless the tendon- and muscle area of the shoulder is damaged. In case of doubt please ask your doctor or therapist!

Scope of Supply

- 1x special tension tape (green)
- 2x fixing loops with Velcro for wrapping the tape safely around the ankle and wrist
- 1x Illustrated instruction
Get rid of the bingo wing - Women at almost any age frequently suffer from this problem area: the saggy and wobbling lower part of the humerus which is particularly visible when the arm is lifted for - for example - waving. This is caused by weak connective tissue, fat deposits and above all by a far too weak and floppy triceps. All previous exercises for strengthening this muscle have been insufficiently targeted and were stopped after a short time due to missing success.

Following the suggestion of one of our clients, who possesses an AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer, we have developed a very effective accessory for all owners of a ShoulderTrainer: the Tri-Train. This device allows strengthening the triceps of the humerus in a targeted manner. As the arm is stabilized in a defined position on the ShoulderTrainer during the entire work-out, any disturbing evasive movements of the arm are strictly avoided so that the triceps will consequently benefit from the entire exertion.

During and after each work-out a dragging pain - indicating an effective influence on the target muscle - will be realized. Depending on how much hard effort you put into the training, the triceps will have considerably strengthened after a few weeks. A Velcro-loop at the Tri-Train facilitates its fastening at the ShoulderTrainer. Two special, differently strong training tapes - being included in the scope of supply - can be individually adjusted in length so that a wide range of work-out intensity - from weak to extremely strong - is at your disposal! It goes without saying that the TriTrain is also an effective training device for men who want to work out their triceps.


As the Tri-Train is an optional accessory, you need at least one of our offered Shoulder-Trainer types for being able to use the Tri-Train.

Scope of Supply

- 1x special training tape incl. handle a tone end - medium-strong (green)
- 1x special training tape incl. handle at one end - strong (red)
- 1x fixation loop with Velcro and special clamping loop for the special training tape 
- 1x Illustrated instruction

The "mini fridge" to go. Being equipped with a particularly think insulation, two extra-large Ice-Akku packs and 2 cool packs which exactly fit into the pockets of the coolshirt.

You only need to freeze the Ice-Akku packs- and cool packs in the freezer of your fridge at home over night.

During the whole day in the office or wherever you may be, the cool bag will provide you with cold cool packs for change. From morning to night the used cool packs, which are always returned to the cool bag, are continuously and perfectly re-cooled. It is no problem to change them 20 times.

This way allows you to get a bursitis of the shoulder under control within a few days, while all usual activities are continuously carried out. And that's not the end of the story: Harmful activities stimulating a bursitis are preventively counteracted.

We recommend ordering a coolshirt in addition to our coolbag as this combination will optimally guarantee a successful targeted cooling and easing of your bursitis.

Scope of Supply

- 2 x Ice-Akku packs
- 2 x cool packs in the size 7,5 x 13cm
- 1 x short instructions how to correctly cool your inflamed shoulder

Particularly strong ShoulderTrainer - individual training expander (red) without any further accessories.

(With handle at the ends)
Price: 164,90 €
including 19% VAT, plus shipping
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Use the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer Optima in case of:

Scope of Supply:

  • Shouldertrainer type "Standard, size S-M-L-Profi"
    or "Acute, size S-M-L" (Equipment Colour: black or blue)
  • Coolshirt with two, two lanes posterpockets incl. 6 cool packs
    (shirt available in white and the ladies-sizes XS -XXL and Gentleman-sizes S -XXL)
  • Shoulder-Night Pain-Aid
  • Shoulder-Rotator-Scale®
  • DVD and User manual (15-minute explanation and work-out video)
  • Detachable cable-tie
  • special resistance-training expander, blue*, length: approx. 2,40m
    (tensile force from approx. 0,3 kg to approx. 3,5 kg)
  • special resistance-training expander, green, length: approx. 2,40m
    (tensile force from approx. 0,5 kg to approx. 6,0 kg)
  • *In case of the ShoulderTrainer version "Profi" the blue expander is replaced by an expander with higher resistance:
    - 1 x special resistance-training expander, red, length: approx. 2,40m
    (tensile force from approx. 1,0 kg to approx. 8,0 kg)
  • (All Expander with handles at the ends)
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Average product review:

(This product has got 9 reviews)
Hartmut 12.04.2019 Problem gelöst!

Nach 2 Jahren Behandlung beim Ortopäden und in der Physiotherapie mit nicht zufriedenstellendem Ergebnis, habe ich einfach mal gegoogelt und habe eure Seite und Produkte gefunden. Nach ein paar Tagen intensiven lesen eurer Inhalte, war es mir eigentlich klar, ich muss es probieren! Doch anfangs hat mich der Preis etwas abgeschreckt. Ich habe dann bei euch angerufen um mich beraten zu lassen. Ich muss sagen, Hut ab! Solch eine kompetente Beratung gibt es leider viel zu selten. Klar wollt ihr auch Eure Produkte verkaufen, doch diese Ehrlichkeit ist außergewöhnlich. Nach dieser Beratung bestellte ich das volle Programm und mein Bachgefühl hat mich zum Glück nicht enttäuscht. Von Tag 1 an hatte ich ein gutes Gefühl beim Training und beim nutzen der Hilfsmittel z.B. das Shirt für die Kühlung. Dieses habe ich die ersten 4 Tage intensiv genutzt und alleine dadurch meine Schmerzen um einiges reduzieren können. Jetzt nach 5 Wochen Training mit der Aktiflex bin ich von Schmerzskala 8 von (10) auf 3 runter gekommen und das ist einfach nur fantastisch! Ich werde auf jedefall weiter machen denn ich bin mir sicher, jetzt genau das richtige für mich zu tun. Ich hoffe das jeder Therapeut und Arzt dieses Gerät irgendwann kennt und empfiehlt! Danke an euer tolles Team, ich werde euch weiterempfehlen!

Jenny A. 03.04.2019 Tolle Schulterhilfe

Tolles Gerät, Lieferung hatte leider etwas gedauert.

Thomas 29.03.2019 Alles OK

Gerne wieder, die Schulterhilfe hält was sie verspricht.

Marie 26.02.2019 Alles was man braucht

Für mich das richtige Set, da ich unter nachtschmerzen extrem gelitten habe und druch entzündungen in der Schulter auch etwas zum kühlen benötigt habe. Das Training mit dem Gerät habe ich nach 2 Wochen begonnen, nachdem die entzündung etwas besser war. Nach jetzt 8 Wochen training, geht es mir schon weitaus besser, empfehlenswert!

Ingrid 10.01.2019 Qualität gut, Versand schnell

Einfache Abwicklung, finde es toll das ich mit meinem Amazon Konto zahlen konnte, innerhalb von wenigen Minuten hatte ich das Set bestellt. Innerhalb von 2 Tagen hatte ich es schon Zu Hause. Hochwertige Produkte und ausreichende informationen zum anwenden. Jetzt muss es nur noch wirken.

Wolfgang O. 28.12.2018 Tolles Set

Ich bin von diesem Set begeistert. Konnte am Anfang erst nur die Hilfe für die Nacht Nutzen um dadurch die Nacht besser duchzustehen. Am Tage dann erst 1 Woche lang gekühlt bis ich dann mit dem Training begonnen habe. Bin jetzt 4 Wochen dabei und verspüre eine Besserung, hoffe es geht so weiter, ich werde dran bleiben. Lieferung lief problemlos, die Beratung vor dem Kauf super kompetent und freundlich.

Nicole R. 30.04.2017 Hat super funktioniert

Danke für dieses tolle Produkt!

bin nach 2 Monaten sogut wie schmerzfrei.

Ich kann die Schulterhilfe nur weiterempfehlen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Benjamin Y. 13.01.2017 Super Set

Tolles Set, hat mich super über eine schmerzhafte Zeit gebracht. Hatte über 1 Jahr massive Probleme und Bewegungseinschränkungen. Konnte alles super einsetzen, das Coolshirt gegen meine entzündete Schulter, die Nachtschmerz hilfe für den Anfang um ein paar mehr Stunden schlaf zu bekommen, den Bügel um gegen die Ursache meiner Schulterschmerzen was zutun. Bin inzwischen komplett schmerfrei, mercii!! Ich empfehle Ihre Produkte gerne weiter!! Weiter so. Liebe Grüße Benjamin

Roland S. 16.05.2015 Roland S.

Hat super funktioniert, kann endlich wieder Tennis spielen!

Die ganze Familie nutzt das Gerät inzwischen und ist ebenso begeistert wie ich.

Ein  großer Dank dem Erfinder

Weiter so!

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