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MBFlex categoryThe MBFlex® offers the possibility of reasonably completing the range of services not only to large companies which are equipped with all above mentioned machines, but also to small enterprises and job beginners. In this way they are granted the chance to offer right from the beginning an enormous range of services at extraordinarily favourable purchase costs and. Moreover a space of only approx. 4 m² is required! Being equipped with almost all pulling devices (as - for example - affordable elastic band device), the MBFlex allows you to execute incomparably numerous work-outs in a highly professional way that meets all physiological requirements!
MBFlex® for Therapy and Practice of AktiFlex
Shipping weight: 3,00 kg
Product weight: 2,80 kg
Before: 329,00 €
Now: 299,00 € *
Shipping time: 2 - 3 workdays
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