Advantages for Sportsmen

Advantages for Sportsmen thanks to AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer

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Kraftdreikämpfer Raphael Birner vom AC Amberg e.v. beim Training mit der Schulterhilfe

Birner vom AC Amberg e.v. beim Training mit der Schulterhilfe
(The powerlifter Raphael Birner AC Amberg e.v. knows about the advantages of the ShoulderTrainer and uses it for regular exercises.

The shoulder is not only the most severely strained joint of the human being, but unfortunately also one of the most susceptible joints! Till now this susceptibility has been due mostly to a substantial muscular weakness in the back part of the shoulder.

As consequence of this weakness most persons, who are not very active in sports, start suffering from shoulder problems as from the age of 40. If the shoulders of sportsmen are exposed to extreme shocks and pressure, they already start suffering at young age (14 years or even younger) from this muscular weakness. As the head of the humerus is consequently no longer sufficiently stabilized, it again and again strikes against the acromion with each shot of the golf- , tennis- or handball player and moreover with each ball the handball- or volleyball player has caught! There is really a long list of sportsmen whose shoulders are exposed to such strain!

It is therefore not at all surprising that handball-, volleyball-, tennis- and golf players as well as many other sportsmen frequently suffer from chronic bursitis, irritated and damaged tendons.


What is the effect of regular training with the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer?

  • It helps to selectively strengthen within short the neglected muscles in the back part of the shoulder.
  • Consequently the humerus will "stay away" from the acromion, bursa and tendons.
  • The risk of a joint luxation in the back area of the shoulder is reduced.
  • The risk of injuring the shoulder joint is substantially reduced.
  • The performance capacity of the shoulder increases with regard to power and endurance.

Conclusion: The sportsman does not only get healthier, but also reduces the risk of injuries and increases his performance capacity!


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