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  • Rotator Cuff of the Shoulder
    The Rotator cuff consists of the muscles 'Subscapularis', 'Supraspinatus' as well as 'Infraspinatus' and 'Teres Minor'.…
  • Pain in the Shoulder – Help and Information
    Pain in the Shoulder – all Details about the Pain in the Shoulder, Shoulder, Impingement, Rotator Cuff, Bursitis etc. on this Internet Page Basic Information about the Shoulder Pain in the Shoulder Muscular Imbalance of the Shoulder Impingement as Primary Cause Impingement, Bursitis …
  • Frozen Shoulder
    You may gradually succeed in remobilizing the shoulder joint. The rotator scale – attached to every “ShoulderTrainer“ (bracket to cure the shoulder) - helps to visualize and measure each minor success.…
  • Impingement, Impingementsyndrome
    : • Shoulder-arm syndrome • Shoulder entrapment syndrome • Supraspinatus Syndrome • Subacromial entrapment syndrome • Rotator cuff entrapment syndrome or • Humerus head – elevation .   The ideal distance between the head of the humerus and the bony acromion amounts to approx.…

  • D Defect Arthropathy Massive crack in the rotator cuff Delta Prosthesis Artificial shoulder joint – also called inverse shoulder joint – as its structure is exactly opposite to the original joint. Deltoideus / Deltoid Muscle Clearly visible muscle on the shoulder top side.…
  • Use of the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer
    The exercise consists of only one movement – the external rotation – as only the external rotators are to be strengthened. During the intensive elastodynamic work-out, which can be compared with a so-called isokinetic training – the resistance of an expander – manufactured specifically for this …
  • Shoulder-Rotator-Scale®
    Shoulder-Rotator-Scale® (click here for enlarging)   You can now even measure your success achieved by doing the work-outs with the ShoulderTrainer.…
  • Set of 3 Cool Packs
    (click here for enlarging) Function of the set comprising 3 cool packs 1. Very frequently – even in several practices –too large areas are cooled by using far big ice packs, if the shoulder needs to be cooled.…
  • AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer
        AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer for correcting the muscles of the rotator cuff. Due to the work-out concept incl. video DVD - attached to each delivery – the ShoulderTrainer can also be easily used at home by non-professionals.…
  • Muscular Imbalance of the Shoulder
    d at the shoulder front side (pectoral muscles) severely counteract the significantly weaker muscles at the shoulder backside (the so-called external rotators). Similar to the tug of war, the stronger party will win.…
  • You are looking for a shoulder specialist?
    In that case your shoulder problem may be due to a weak rotator cuff which has so far not been sufficiently taken into consideration. By use of our AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer you may get your problem under control. Please read here to be advised how this will work.…
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