Use of the AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer

Application pictures

The shouldertrainer workout while sitting


The shouldertrainer workout while standing


The training in detail

It is extremely easy to execute the work-outs required for eliminating the imbalance of the rotation cuff. The exercise consists of only one movement – the external rotation – as only the external rotators are to be strengthened. During the intensive elastodynamic work-out, which can be compared with a so-called isokinetic training – the resistance of an expander – manufactured specifically for this purpose – has to be overcome. This principle of muscle strengthening, which is frequently applied in the muscular rehabilitation, is characterized by muscle exhaustion, high exertion and a rather low number of movements. In our case the target muscles, Infraspinatus and Teres Minor, are entirely exhausted during a 15-minute training that consists of 5 to max 20 movements per work-out. Week by week you will react on the improving strengthening by continuously increasing the exertion. For this purpose the expander is more and more tightened by readjusting the detachable cable-tie.




On the left side the movement is shown from 2 perspectives. In this illustration the ShoulderTrainer, type "Standard" is used. It is suitable for all applicants who can still easily lift their arms sideward. The arms are supported and guided in an angle of approx. 80-90. As the joints are already effectively relieved by this support, the pain will considerably ease in most cases.

The ShoulderTrainer type „Acute“ (see left-side) was developed for such persons who already suffer from a highly limited shoulder mobility. The arms are supported and guided in a far lower position of approx. 45°. These more handicapped persons are thus granted the possibility to remobilize their shoulders and to strengthen the weak parts of the rotator cuff. The patients will perhaps even manage to again laterally lift their arms in such a way that they may start using the „Standard“ type. By the way, if you are in a position to change to the other version of the ShoulderTrainer, you need not buy two devices. For more details click here, please. If you want to order the ShoulderTrainer “Acute”, please use our online shop. and choose the shouldertrainer variant acute on the article page.


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