MBFlex® for Therapy and Practice

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Functions & Fields of Application

The MBFlex® is:

1. Back trainer
2. Abdominal trainer
3. Trunk rotation trainer
4. Trunk flexion trainer
5. Leg-buttocks trainer
6. Shoulder rotation trainer
7. Coordination- and proprioceptive trainer


The MBFlex® offers the possibility of reasonably completing the range of services not only to large companies which are equipped with all above mentioned machines, but also to small enterprises and job beginners. In this way they are granted the chance to offer right from the beginning an enormous range of services at extraordinarily favourable purchase costs and. Moreover a space of only approx. 4 m² is required! Being equipped with almost all pulling devices (as - for example – affordable elastic band device), the MBFlex allows you to execute incomparably numerous work-outs in a highly professional way that meets all physiological requirements!

The MBFlex® enables you to easily execute both, isolated and segmental work-out movements as well as free-style whole-body movements of your everyday- or business life. It is possible to carry out almost all imaginable movements – including those which have so far not been practicable – in one- and multi-dimensional muscle linkages.

The MBFlex® is coated with a thick, highly resistant sponge rubber (that can be exchanged by our service dept.). It is positioned at the body within a few seconds where it will set itself by its own dynamics. Steel eyes for connecting pulling ropes are attached at numerous positions which are not only close to the body, but also benefit from the leverage effect.

The MBFlex® has already established itself  in health resorts, rehabilitation centres as well as in the physical exercise- and physiotherapy. Furthermore it is more and more used in prevention- and stamina training – specific for the various kinds of sports – in Olympia training- and elite sport centres as well as in health-oriented fitness- and work-out studios.

Due to its ideally placed connecting possibilities with all available strength measuring systems the MBFlex® is highly appreciated in the field of strength-performance diagnostics.

In numerous cases the MBFlex® can even replace large training devices such as e.g.:

1. Back machine
2. Abdominal machine
3. Trunk rotation machine
4. Trunk flexion machine
5. Squat machine
6. Internal and external rotation machine for the shoulder

Scope of Supply

• 2 pulling rope extensions
• 2 Karabiners
• 1 Work-out video on DVD
• Professional work-out manual

Technical Data

• Material core: special plastic material with high load capacity
• Coated with soft and approx. 11-13 mm thick sponge rubber
• Available colours: blue and green
• Weight approx 3,1 kg

Application / Exercises

If you are interested in MBFlex® work-out examples and videos, please click here .

Price for MBFlex® as from 299,00€ (VAT incl., plus delivery charges) Online order placement – now!
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