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Function of the TriTrain

Get rid of the bingo wing – Women at almost any age frequently suffer from this problem area: the saggy and wobbling lower part of the humerus which is particularly visible when the arm is lifted for – for example – waving. This is caused by weak connective tissue, fat deposits and above all by a far too weak and floppy triceps. All previous exercises for strengthening this muscle have been insufficiently targeted and were stopped after a short time due to missing success.

Following the suggestion of one of our clients, who possesses an AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer, we have developed a very effective accessory for all owners of a ShoulderTrainer: the Tri-Train. This device allows strengthening the triceps of the humerus in a targeted manner. As the arm is stabilized in a defined position on the ShoulderTrainer during the entire work-out, any disturbing evasive movements of the arm are strictly avoided so that the triceps will consequently benefit from the entire exertion.

During and after each work-out a dragging pain – indicating an effective influence on the target muscle – will be realized. Depending on how much hard effort you put into the training, the triceps will have considerably strengthened after a few weeks. A Velcro-loop at the Tri-Train facilitates its fastening at the ShoulderTrainer. Two special, differently strong training tapes – being included in the scope of supply – can be individually adjusted in length so that a wide range of work-out intensity – from weak to extremely strong – is at your disposal! It goes without saying that the TriTrain is also an effective training device for men who want to work out their triceps.



As the Tri-Train is an optional accessory, you need at least one of our offered Shoulder-Trainer types for being able to use the Tri-Train.

Scope of Supply

• 1 special training tape incl. handle a tone end– medium-strong (green)
• 1 special training tape incl. handle at one end - strong (red)
• 1 fixation loop with Velcro and special clamping loop for the special training tape
• Illustrated instruction

Order Placement

Price for Tri-Train as from 19,90€ (VAT incl., plus delivery charges)

Last update: 2016-09-08 10:49:41

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