Shoulder-Night Pain-Aid

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Illustration of the Shoulder Night Pain Aid

Function of the Shoulder - Night Pain - Aid

1. Relieves the pain within a few minutes during the night - and - of course – also during the day
2. Due to the individually adjustable tension intensity this device reduces the pressure in the acromion by carefully and slowly pulling the arm a bit out of the acromion.
3. Consequently the paining tendons and bursa are relieved from the pressure for a limited period of time. Depending on the stage of disease the pain may ease for hours.
4. Properly works in lying –and standing position.



Although the shoulder-night pain-aid is highly effective, it must not be considered as long-term solution! This device is suitable to ease the worst phases of a shoulder disease by alleviating the symptoms (pain). As the cause of the pain is, however, not eliminated, you immediately have to take intensive action to get rid of the cause. Otherwise the disease will continue worsening until the shoulder-night pain-aid won’t either be effective at all or will only have very little positive influence. The AktiFlex ShoulderTrainer is a suitable device for eliminating the cause.

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The shoulder-night pain-aid can be used, unless the tendon- and muscle area of the shoulder is damaged. In case of doubt please ask your doctor or therapist!

Scope of Supply

• 1 special tension tape
• 2 fixing loops with Velcro for wrapping the tape safely around the ankle and wrist
• Illustrated instruction

Order Placement

Price for The Shoulder - Night Pain - Aid as from 23,90€ (VAT incl., plus delivery charges)


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