Set of 3 Cool Packs

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Set of 3 Cool Packs

Function of the set comprising 3 cool packs

1. Very frequently – even in several practices –too large areas are cooled by using far big ice packs, if the shoulder needs to be cooled. In such cases numerous muscles are cooled in addition to the mostly inflamed bursa and the Supraspinatus tendon, which is not only unreasonable, but often uncomfortable or even painful. Consequently the concerned person is put off by it and will discontinue the required cooling before it could take effect!

2. Our cool packs are extremely narrow and only as long as needed! If the cool packs are positioned according to our instructions, the cold will work almost only on the specific area with the mostly inflamed bursa and the so-called Supraspinatus tendon in the acromion. As a consequence the uncomfortable feeling will disappear within very short. Quickly penetrating into the inflamed areas, the cold will generate a rather pleasant feeling. If you repeat this cooling process several times a day (we recommend up to 7 times), the persistent effect of the cold will not only stop the inflammation. Moreover the blood flow and metabolism are encouraged by the cold-hot change!


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Set of 3 Cool PacksSet of 3 Cool PacksSet of 3 Cool PacksSet of 3 Cool Packs

Scope of Supply

• 3 x cool packs in the size 7,5 x 13cm
• 1 x short instructions how to correctly cool your inflamed shoulder

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