Coolshirt Complete Set


Das Coolshirt von AktiFlex - gegen Schleimbeutelentzüdnung und Bizepssehnenreizung -entzündung

Coolshirt - Complete Set
An Innovation of AktiFlex

Everybody suffering from a bursitis or biceps tendon in the shoulder and wanting to ease it by use of ice-cool packs knows very well how difficult it is to fasten these cooling packs on the shoulder. The "Coolshirt" of Aktiflex can now solve this problem.

The shirt is equipped with two, two lanes posterpocket, each on the right- and left shoulder, where exactly the inflamed and swollen bursa, biceps tendon and tendon are located in most cases.  - so that it can also be cooled in a most convenient way. Six particularly narrow cool packs are supplied with this shirt. As they can be inserted into the patch pockets, the cool packs can cool exactly the paining area.

In this way the frequently rather uncomfortable or even painful cooling by too large ice packs is avoided. Also sensitive persons come along with this innovative shirt and can sufficiently and effectively cool their shoulder


Scope of Supply and product information

Material: 100% Polyester

• 1 x Coolshirt with two, two lanes posterpockets (shirt available in black or white and the sizes XS -3XL)
• 6 x Cool packs
• 1 x short instruction for the correct cooling of your inflamed shoulder

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