Treatments in the shoulder area lead to success much faster

Mr. Rudi Hünig wrote the following review:

Shoulder injuries - conservatively treated

The shouldertrainer Optima is used in our therapy business, with the device variant MBFlex with great success. We operate an outpatient rehabilitation center within Trinity Hospital, and the range of indications in which shoulder assistance training is used includes the following:

Shoulder injuries that require surgical treatment, such as.

- rotator cuff ruptures
- acromioclavicular joint dislocation
- shoulder joint dislocations
- Impingement syndromes

Shoulder injuries that are treated conservatively, such as

- impingement syndromes
- shoulder dislocations
- Back problems that have their roots in the shoulder area.

The shoulder aid provides us with extraordinary support in our work and makes a significant contribution to the fact that treatments in the shoulder area lead to success much more quickly.

Rudi Hünig, Sports Therapist

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