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AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer

AktiFlex Schultertrainer Schulterhilfe bei Schulterschmerzen


AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer for correcting the muscles of the rotator cuff. Due to the work-out concept incl. video DVD - attached to each delivery – the ShoulderTrainer can also be easily used at home by non-professionals.

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AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer

The AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer is not a result of assembly line production in the Far East, but – on the contrary – entirely manual work. Each of its components is manufactured and assembled bit by bit exclusively by employees of our company and in accordance with strict quality requirements. Prior to being packed, each training device has undergone eight production steps. Each ShoulderTrainer that leaves our company is a unique specimen. All materials used are of top quality and have been tested for absolute harmlessness by an independent institute for material testing. The manufacturing does not only demand skill, but also particular machines and tools and finally results in a German quality product.

The AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer is an exercise arch which has been exactly adapted to the natural shape of the arm-shoulder area.

The ShoulderTrainer serves as safe and protective support of the arms and simultaneously stabilizes them in a joint-optimal position. This training device is coated with a comfortably soft and medically approved special sponge rubber in a thickness of approx. 12 mm. Most users already realize an alleviation of their shoulder pain right upon positioning the ShoulderTrainer at the body and supporting the arms as the shoulder joints are immediately relieved. In this basic position the so-called “deltoid muscle” is particularly relieved in such a considerable way that the head of the humerus hardly presses against the acromion any longer. When you lift your arms, the humerus head usually incarcerates the bursas and tendons at high pressure and thus causes great pain. You can immediately check out the beneficial effects of such relief by – for example - resting your arm on a padded support in the height of your axilla. As an alternative your partner may slightly and carefully hold up your arm so that you can „drop“ it onto this support. In many cases the shoulder pain will substantially abate!

The AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer simultaneously serves as „shoulder-muscle-isolator“, which is one of the most essential factors for the therapeutic successes with this device. If the arms firmly rest in the ShoulderTrainer, it is impossible for you to do any other, but the intended exercise movement – the external rotation. Your external rotators will thus be strengthened, while any other horizontal or vertical movements of the arms are prevented. In other words: the muscle responsible for the horizontal movement of the humerus – the pectoral muscle – can no longer actively assist the work-out movement. As the vertical movement of the humerus is completely prevented at the same time, the deltoid muscle cannot participate in the work-out movement either. Ideal pre-conditions have thus been created for remedying the muscular imbalance.
It is understandable that the following statement will sound rather dubious to numerous concerned persons who have already undergone various treatments and therapies with frustrating results. But it is a true fact: you only have to do one single exercise, which is possible even at home! You do not require any additional exercises as the shoulder problem is caused by only one single muscle area which could so far not successfully stimulated. The extraordinarily successful treatment of the shoulder is enabled by the ShoulderTrainer on the one hand and by the associated work-out program on the other hand.

Due to the concentrated training and its high efficiency, the work-out units only take 15 minutes. If you do the work-outs 2 – 3 times a week, your shoulder problems may significantly ease already within the first 2-3 weeks of training. After the short period of 2-3 months it will be sufficient to do a preservation training which consists of 2-3 work-outs per month. In that way your improved health condition – free of pain – can be maintained. As the shoulder is and will always remain “in need of care”, you should, however, never stop doing the work-outs.

How does an exercise resp. application look like?

Please refer to our demonstration- and application video on our application site.

During the work-out against the resistance of the expander the target muscles have to efficiently overcome this resistance. This kind of training is very similar to the principle of the isokinetic muscle training. Apart from the quick strengthening of the muscles, the damaged shoulder joint also benefits from being exhausted within short time. Due to this early exhaustion the number of exercise movements is reduced and overstraining is consequently prevented.

How does it work in detail?
During the work-out the physical properties of the rubber are entirely contrary to the muscle’s behaviour. In the initial phase of doing exercises with the resistance expander -  when we start tightening the rubber by pulling the resistance expander upwards -  the tension of the rubber is still very low. The muscle which does not need to be strong at this time can easily manage these first movements. The more we lift our hands to further pull the resistance expander upwards, the more the muscle will contradict and gain more and more strength. The resistance expander is increasingly tightened so that the muscle has to overcome more resistance. In other words: The muscular strength increases in parallel to the increasing resistance!

As the muscular strength will have adapted to the resistance someday, the resistance of the expander needs to be increased by shortening the expander. You only easily do this either by knotting the expander or wrapping it around your wrists or ankles once or several times!

As two differently strong expanders are attached to the ShoulderTrainer a continuously increased  the muscle strain is ensured until the „saturation point“ has been reached, i.e. the point when no further increase is possible.

Time factor
The work-outs can be executed at home, whenever you can spare some minutes and as often as you want. You can additionally take the ShoulderTrainer to your work and use the break for some work-outs.

Cost factor

The health insurance companies bear the costs respectively subsidize only a limited number of therapy hours. Even if your therapist used the ShoulderTrainer, the very few therapy hours would at the best lead to an improved mobility or the first minor signs of analgesia.

In order to arrive at an efficient and long-lasting improvement of your shoulder problem by considerably widening the acromial space as required, it is necessary to do intensive stamina training 2-3 times a week during a period of three to six months. After this period the previously damaged shoulder requires further regular work-outs. A preservation training carried out every two weeks as a minimum will then be sufficient. You can meet these preconditions by the one-time acquirement of a ShoulderTrainer.

If the stamina training was done in a therapist’s practice, the amount of accumulating extra payments would correspond to the purchase price of 10 or even more AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainers.

In case of shoulder problem it is, however, strictly forbidden to be lazy as this will usually be punished with the operation becoming necessary.

Data & Illustrations of Products

Technical Data

• Material core: special plastic material
• Coated with soft and approx. 11-13 mm thick sponge rubber
• Available colours: green and black
• Weight approx. 1,9 Kg (standard version)

Scope of Supply

AktiFlex® ShoulderTrainer: Please use our ShoulderTrainer-Configurator in our online shop for compiling your ShoulderTrainer-model including accessories. We have already prepared complete sets for the most frequently used ShoulderTrainer-type "Standard" which you can buy in our online shop or from
Training expander in various versions
• User manual  
• Training video on DVD

Illustrations of Products

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ShoulderTrainer, blueShoulderTrainer, greenShoulderTrainer, black
Comfort Training-Expander-SetClassic Training-Expander-SetComfort Training-Expander-SetShoulder-Rotator-Scale, left armShoulder-Rotator-Scale, right arm



Yes, they are. But during the last years it has become evident that our „Standard” ShoulderTrainer is suitable for most applicants. The complete offers available in our online shop or from are always equipped with the “Standard” type.

According to our experiences the “Standard"type is  suitable for:

1. Persons with a body height of approx.. 1,60m – approx. 1,90m.
2. Persons with a body weight of approx. 60Kg - 100Kg.
3. The persons should moreover be able to laterally lift their arms to their shoulder / axilla height.

Should one of these criteria not be applicable to you, please use ShoulderTrainer-Configurator where you can purchase smaller / larger types. Moreover ShoulderTrainers with a lower arm support are offered in case you are actually not able to laterally lift your arms to shoulder height.

(For more detailed explanations please click on the respective link of the disease)

Effective widening of the joint cavity in the acromion
In many cases a shoulder operation can be avoided. The ShoulderTrainer is also suitable for being used for rehabilitation and mobilisation after shoulder operations.
Improvement of impingement syndrome
Improvement of shoulder night pain
Improvement of calcific tendinitis of the shoulder
Improvement of bursitis
Improvement of frozen shoulder
Improvement of postural backache
Can also be used in case of ruptures or partial ruptures of the Supraspinatus tendon

Improvement in case of luxations in the posterior joint area:
Shoulder luxations may happen if the muscles of a joint are not uniformly stabilized and additionally overstrained. Somebody tending to luxations due to weak muscles – mainly in the back part of the shoulder – can take effective preventive actions against further future luxations by doing intensive strengthening training with the ShoulderTrainer.

Pain in shoulder /arm including paraesthesia in arms and hands:
In this context it is important to know that - apart from muscles and tendons – various nerves leading to the arm and hand pass the acromion in various channels. In consequence of a narrowed acromion certain nerves may be incarcerated, which may in turn lead to extreme stabbing pains in the arm or paraesthesia (tingling) in the arm or hand.

Can the posture be improved by training?

rotator cuff shoulderThe sometimes highly considerable improvement of the posture is a very welcomed „side effect“ of work-outs with the ShoulderTrainer. As the strengthened target muscles are also responsible for holding our shoulders back, a permanently and clearly visible improved body posture has already been achieved after an 8-week intensive training. Such attractive posture can otherwise only be achieved with a lot of discipline following the instruction “Chest out, shoulders back”. Numerous customers buy the ShoulderTrainer only because of the substantially improved posture although they do not suffer from any shoulder pain. These clients are optimally protected from any future shoulder problems!

Can neck problems be eased?

As consequence of the considerably improved posture – achieved by doing work-outs with the ShoulderTrainer – the posture of the head will also change substantially. Due to the more straightened upper part of the body you need not put your head back towards the neck any longer (leading to muscular tension in the long run), if you want to look straight ahead. To make it more understandable please check out the following:  Let your shoulder hang down as you normally do in a relaxing position and try to look straight ahead. You will realize that you have to put your head back towards the neck. You will understand that this posture will lead to muscular tension in the long run! Now pull your shoulder backward and continue sitting/standing straight following the instruction “Chest out, shoulders back”! Looking straight ahead, you will realize that you need not have to put your head back. Your neck muscles are neither tense nor will they tension or become cramped any more due to the improved posture. The posture “Chest out, shoulders back“ is manifested by the ShoulderTrainer!

Please be ensured that the chances of improvement are proportional to the stage of your disease. The earlier you take action, the greater is your chance of entire physical recovery! Every day counts! A damaged shoulder area can cause numerous problems which may also considerably ease thanks to work-outs with the ShoulderTrainer.
Numerous clients happily inform us in a phone call that after already the first week of exercises with the ShoulderTrainer their pain, mainly the severe night pains have substantially eased as the acromial space has already started widening. Consequently the concerned persons cannot only reduce the dosage of their painkillers, they can also sleep through the night. As a lot of prescribed medicaments have severe side effects – mainly in the gastrointestinal area – any reduction of them is a very important factor. Instead of anti-inflammatory drugs, cooling the paining areas with ice-packs is very often quite helpful.
• If you suffer from diseases or damages of the target muscles (Infraspinatus and Teres Minor), work-outs with the ShoulderTrainer might be dangerous for your muscles, although in individual cases a successful training was executed despite a torn Infraspinatus muscle. In these exceptional cases the healthy Teres Minor muscle fulfilled the function of external rotation and consequently strengthened substantially so that .the concerned person was happy to realize a substantial easement of the shoulder problems.

• Operations  at the lymphatic system in the area of the axilla, hypersensitivity of the ulnar nerves or cardiac pacemakers implanted in the chest.

• And please bear in mind: None of our explanations and instructions can in no way replace a visit to a doctor.

In case of further questions please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our contact form.

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